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Training Mode

In training mode, the focus is on training without distraction. Automatically sychronise workouts from your training platform or quickly create them on the device.

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The ride mode consists of 5 screens.


Create workout

Select "Create Workout" from the menu.

Add segments and set the duration and target power.


Perform workout

Select a workout under "My Workouts". The list shows all workouts created on the device or synchronized via TrainingPeaks.
You will see a preview of the workout. Click "OK" to select the workout and start the ride mode.

The "Training" button on each screen shows that a workout has been loaded for this ride. You can use the button to show and hide the workout-overly at any time.

You can perform the workout whenever it suits you best during your ride. You can use the control buttons to start and pause the workout and switch manually between the segments.

The color coding helps you to control your performance.

A green bar means that you are within the specified range of power.

Blue means that you are below the specified power value.

Red means that you are above the target.

The bar fills from left to right according to the duration of the segment. Banner messages inform you about the remaining duration and the following segment.


Ride options

Press the option button to select the options available for ride mode.

You can add a training to your ride. Find out more about training here {link}
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