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Learn more about synchronisation between your device and

To use the Jespr cycling computer, you need a Jespr account. You can create one on the device or at

Once you have created an account, all your data such as rides, routes and settings are automatically synchronised between the device and the platform.

Synchronisation starts automatically when the device is switched on. An icon with rotating arrows indicates that synchronisation is in progress.Important: The device must be connected to a WiFi network for full synchronisation of all activities, routes and workouts.

A cloud with a green dot means that your device has been successfully synchronised with Everything is up to date.

A cloud with a red dot means that your device could not be synchronised. As soon as the device is connected to a WiFi network, synchronisation starts automatically.

If you want to manually trigger a synchronisation, go to the home screen and drag the list of activities downwards.
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