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Jespr Cycling Computer



Always Connected

Real-time wind data, navigation and live tracking. With integrated mobile data connection, Jespr is the first cycling computer to bring internet connection to every ride. And that means there’s no need to tether, ever.

Stunning Display

A new level of data visualisation and a wide-eye view of what’s ahead. The large, high-resolution touch display provides an immersive, detailed and uniquely enjoyable experience.

Performance Oriented

Live tracking for team members, structured training with visualisations and colour-coding. See what matters most with customised ride modes for training and racing.

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Always connected

With integrated mobile data connection, Jespr is the first cycling computer to bring internet connection to every ride.

Jespr Coverage

Through a monthly plan, your Jespr can access internet data on the road, acquiring relevant downloads mid-ride. In countries without availability, the device can be connected via a smartphone hotspot.

Specific ride modes

Training, racing or heading for a relaxed recovery spin — Jespr has a mode to suit your plan. Modes have been developed with professional athletes and performance coaches to deliver the right data, whatever the ride. 

Technical Specifications

The Jespr cycling computer contains only first-class components. The device has one of the best displays for outdoor use and contains high-quality sensors for precise data collection.





25 x 69.5 x 122 mm (1 x 2.7 x 4.8 inch)


180 g

Protection class


Three‑axis gyro


Digital compass







Built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery

Battery runtime

>7 hours

External buttons



Charging via USB micro






Display resolution

480 x 800 Pixel

Ambient light sensor












Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou


Operating temperature

-25°C to 85°C (-77°F to 185°F)

Operating altitude

tested up to 3000 m (10,000 feet)

Language support



Your preferred training apps, enabled through


Delve into every detail of your performance with easy-to-digest data analysis.

The complete platform to support your Jespr experience — store, plan and synchronise.


Plan activities on — access them immediately in the timeline of the cycling computer.

Free Ride Mode

Just start riding — Jespr gives direction to rides with no planned route. Easily add a workout or navigate to a destination mid-ride.

Wind Data

Jespr’s unique visualisation neatly shows live wind strength and direction. See the wind — use the wind.


Be spontaneous with Jespr’s detailed mapping. Turn-by-turn navigation gives you complete freedom on every ride — head to a new landmark, go in search of a new climb or divert to the café if the weather closes in.

Power Calculation

Track your current power in real time. Jespr uses ride data to show live power output — even without a power meter.


Jespr will see what you might not. Connect to a bicycle radar for alerts of approaching traffic.

Training Mode

Your training is fully supported — no distractions, just clear visualisations. Automatically synchronise workouts from your training platform or quickly create them on the device.

Structured Training

Focus on what matters. Clear visualisations and colour-coding show immediately how your session is progressing.


Keep your training on track. Connect Jespr to your training platform and select upcoming workouts from the convenient timeline.

Create a Workout

Create a structured workout simply and directly on the device. Then save and recall workouts for later use.

Power Display

Set your preferred average value for the display of your watts as default in the settings. This way you only need one data field.

Race Mode

All race information in one place — at your fingertips.

Route Course

See the route and what lays ahead on the course in one screen. No fuss — just what you need to race.


Be notified of important events, critical points on the course and wind information. Jespr is compatible with the WorldTour package from VeloViewer.

Live Tracking

Jespr brings your team together on the road. See team members and management on the map — in real time.

Cheat Sheet

Important climbs, critical moments, feed zones or sprints. Never miss a moment with all relevant waypoints in one place.

Create Route

Create a route quickly and directly on the device. Choose your riding style and get a route suggestion with the corresponding road surface.

Direction Mode

Sync routes from your preferred apps or create them quickly on the device. Easy-to-follow turn-by-turn navigation keeps your ride on track — right to the destination.


With a large navigation screen, animated map and clear instructions Jespr makes it easy to follow a route.


Quickly load or import routes from your preferred third party platforms. Your planned routes are easy to find and ready to ride.


Get ready to ride. See a quick summary of course detail, including a route map and climb information.


The Jespr algorithm automatically detects climbs, showing a detailed view as the gradient changes. Manage your effort or push for the top.

Create Route

Cycling-specific route creation on the device suggests the most appropriate roads and surfaces for your ride plan.

Make every second count. Plan it, visualise it in pacing mode and then execute the perfect triathlon or time trial.

Pacing Mode

Coming Soon

Pacing Strategy

Create your perfect pacing plan and Jespr will visualise how you are managing the effort in real time.

Stunning Display

Large, high-resolution touch display built for outdoor use in harsh conditions.

Tactile Buttons

Easy-to-use buttons for reliable function under extreme conditions.

Configure, synchronise, plan - everything directly on the device. Without detouring via the smartphone.

Control in your Hand

Aerodynamic Design

Optimal air flow, as the height corresponds to a common handlebar diameter.

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