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Roots in Cycling

One sport — nothing else. This focus enables us to concentrate our effort on developing specific, rider-first solutions. To meet the needs of professional athletes, ambitious amateurs and technology-loving cyclists.

We enhance the rider experience through simplified digital data.


Jespr strives to enhance the rider experience through ongoing software development and best-in-class user-centric design.


Delivering a powerful rider experience through technology that’s easy-to-use — that’s our ambition with every feature.


Our collaborative and open standards give you more freedom to harness the power of Jespr products through your preferred tools.

Clear Objectives

Driven by a passion for cycling, Jespr aims to push the boundaries of user experience, data visualisation and connectivity.

Ariane has more than 20 years of experience in international sales of technical products, including many years in the sports industry as co-owner of a company for flight instruments.

Matthias has worked for various companies in the cycling industry. He comes with a broad global network and a deep insight into the market.

Andreas co-founded a branding and digital products company. He brings clear-eyed experience on how to create an unmatched user experience for any type of application.


We want to promote equal opportunities in cycling and overcome technological barriers. For this reason, Jespr technology supports African cycling and the Velokhaya project .

Made in Switzerland

Jespr is used by cyclists around the globe, but is proudly designed, engineered and produced in Switzerland.

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