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The whole ride at your fingertips, the whole road at your feet.

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Experience the road like never before, with a device that puts the whole ride at your fingertips.

Jespr’s unique visualisation neatly shows live wind strength and direction. See the wind — use the wind.

Keep your training on track. Connect Jespr to your training platform and select upcoming workouts from the convenient timeline.

See the route and what lays ahead on the course in one screen. No fuss — just what you need to race.

Specific ride modes

Training, racing or heading for a relaxed recovery spin — Jespr has a mode to suit your plan. Modes have been developed with professional athletes and performance coaches to deliver the right data, whatever the ride.

Training Mode

Training performance is fully supported — no distractions, just clear visualisations. Automatically sychronise workouts from your training platform or quickly create them on the device.

Race Mode

All race information in one place — at your fingertips.

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