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Stow your phone and ride with the freedom to follow your heart or the map with Jespr, a tether-free cycling computer that connects you to a wide world of endless adventure.

  • With a large navigation screen, animated map and clear instructions Jespr makes it easy to follow a route.

  • Quickly load or import routes from your preferred third party platforms. Your planned routes are easy to find and ready to ride.

  • Be spontaneous with Jespr’s detailed mapping. Turn-by-turn navigation gives you complete freedom on every ride — head to a new landmark, go in search of a new climb or divert to the café if the weather closes in.

It’s a wide world. Follow your heart or find your way with Jespr. 

Specific ride modes

Training, racing or heading for a relaxed recovery spin — Jespr has a mode to suit your plan. Modes have been developed with professional athletes and performance coaches to deliver the right data, whatever the ride. 


Direction Mode

Sync routes from your preferred apps or create them quickly on the device. Easy-to-follow turn-by-turn navigation keeps your ride on track — right to the destination.


Free Ride Mode

Just start riding — Jespr gives direction to rides with no planned route. Easily add a workout or navigate to a destination mid-ride.

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