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Free Ride Mode

Free Ride Mode is for your spontaneous rides. You can ride off without a predefined route. On the way, you can simply navigate to a destination or add a training session.

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The ride mode consists of 5 screens.


Signature screens

Jespr’s unique visualisation neatly shows live wind strength and direction. See the wind — use the wind.

The elevation profile shows you the past and future 500m.

Be spontaneous with Jespr’s detailed mapping. Turn-by-turn navigation gives you complete freedom on every ride — head to a new landmark, go in search of a new climb or divert to the café if the weather closes in.


Record a ride

Start recording a ride by pressing the red button.
Press the red pause button to stop the recording.

Press the red stop button to end the ride.

Press the red play button to continue recording.


Ride options

Press the option button to select the options available for ride mode.

You can add a training to your ride. Find out more about training here {link}
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