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Race Mode

Race mode gives you all the information you need to perform on a defined course. A simplified map allows displaying the important waypoints and shows you only the information that is most relevant.

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The ride mode consists of 5 screens.


Signature screens

See the route and what lays ahead on the course in one screen. No fuss — just what you need to race. Be notified of important events, critical points on the course and wind information. Jespr is compatible with the WorldTour package from VeloViewer.

Jespr brings your team together on the road. See team members and management on the map — in real time.

Important climbs, critical moments, feed zones or sprints. Never miss a moment with all relevant waypoints in one place.


Record a ride

Start recording a ride by pressing the red button.
Press the red pause button to stop the recording.

Press the red stop button to end the ride.

Press the red play button to continue recording.


Ride options

Press the option button to select the options available for ride mode.

You can add a training to your ride. Find out more about training here {link}
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