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Adding bikes

Follow these steps to add a bike.

Select “Equipment” from the settings menu.

The list shows all your bikes. Press "Add Bike" to create a new one.

You can give your bike a name.

Select the type of bike and enter the weight. These two values are important because Jespr uses them as the basis for various calculations.

If you want to use a speed sensor, you must enter the wheel circumference.

It is important to select the appropriate bike type as this will affect the route and power calculation:

Preference for paved roads
High aerodynamics

Preference for unpaved roads
Medium aerodynamics

Triathlon / Time Trial
Preference for paved roads
Very high aerodynamics

Mountain Bike
Preference for unpaved roads
Low aerodynamics

Turns off the GPS to record an activity on a stationary bike.

Preference for paved or unpaved roads and as few gradients as possible.
Low aerodynamics

The list shows all your bikes. Select one to edit it.

You can edit your bike at any time.

Distance shows the total distance covered with the bike. You can leave this field empty or enter a value from which the distance should be extrapolated.

At the bottom of the screen you can add sensors and connect them to your bike via Bluetooth or ANT+. Read more here (link)
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