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Pairing sensors

Follow these steps to pair a sensor.


Pair a sensor

Select “Equipment” from the settings menu.

Select the bike setting to which you want to add a sensor.

At the bottom of the screen you can add sensors. Select the corresponding category.

The device searches for sensors in the vicinity via Bluetooth and ANT+. Select the sensor you want to pair.

You can also select an already paired sensor and add it to the bike setting.


Remove the sensor from the bike setting

The added sensors are displayed in the list. Click on the cross to remove the assignment to the bike.


Unpair a sensor

To unpair a sensor from the device, click on the corresponding sensor category. Then click on the trash can for the desired sensor. The sensor is unpaired from the device and removed from all bike settings.


Riding with sensors

As soon as you start a ride mode, a connection to the sensors added to the bike's setting is established.

Please note that certain sensors need to be woken up first before a connection can be established.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to access control centre.

You can see which bike is selected and which sensors are connected. Connected sensors are displayed in green.
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