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Using a rearview radar

Follow these steps to use a rearview radar.


Connect a rearview radar

You can connect a rearview radar with Jespr. To do this, go to the menu item "Settings", "Equipment" and select the bike profile to which you want to add the radar.

More information on pairing sensors can be found here:

Important: at the moment we only support a connection via ANT+. The smart light function is not yet supported.


Riding with a rearview radar

Once the rearview radar is activated and connected to the device, the radar view appears on the edge of the ride mode screens.

Important: radar data is displayed in all ride modes except Race Mode and Pacing Mode.
As soon as vehicles approach behind you, an orange bar is displayed with the vehicle and the relative distance to you.
Vehicles approaching at a much higher speed than you are moving will be indicated by a red bar.

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