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TrainingPeaks and Jespr

Follow these steps to download workouts from TrainingPeaks and upload your rides to TrainingPeaks. Alternatively, you can also complete this step on


Setting up

Select “Integrations” from the settings menu.

The list shows all available integrations. Activate the TrainingPeaks integration.

Enter the access data from your TrainingPeaks account and confirm the exchange of data. Synchronisation starts automatically and workouts are loaded.

Workouts planned for the next few days now appear in the Timeline.

Please make sure that you have entered the same FTP value under "Settings", "Rider" as in your TrainingPeaks account. Otherwise the power values of the workouts will not be calculated correctly.


All available workouts are displayed under "Training", "My Workouts". You can recognise the TrainingPeaks workouts by the icon.

Limitation: only workouts from the current day to 7 days in the future are synchronised. Only power based workouts are synchronised.

Upload rides

Activate the TrainingPeaks upload after a completed ride to upload the activity to TrainingPeaks.
To manually upload an activity to TrainingPeaks, go to the ride detail page and select the arrow button for the upload. The icons show you which platform the activity was uploaded to.


You can deactivate the integration at any time under "Settings", "Integrations". Data from TrainingPeaks will then be deleted from your device during the next synchronisation.
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