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Editing screens

Use the menu to access the software-specific settings. Click on "Settings".

Click on the menu item "Screens".

Select the ride mode in which you want to customise the screens.

In the list you can see the screens of the ride mode. The number shows the display order.

The screens specific to the characteristics of the ride mode have a name after the number. These screens cannot be edited.

You can change the order of the screens by pressing the icon in front of the number and dragging it to the desired position.

Press the trash can icon to delete a screen.

Press "Add Screen" to add a new screen. A ride mode can contain up to 10 screens.

Press "Defaults" to reset the ride mode to the original setting. Your settings will then be lost.


Add and edit data field

Click on the pencil icon to edit a screen.

Click on "+" where you want to insert a new data field.

Choose a data field category.

Click on the data field you want to insert.

To change the size of the data field, do a longpress on the data field.

Drag the displayed frame to the desired size.

Click on the confirmation button at the bottom right.


Delete data field

To delete a data field, press and hold on the data field and drag it to the trash can icon.

Customize screens

Follow these steps to customize screens and datafields.

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