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Follow these steps to connect the device to a WiFi network.


Connect a WiFi network

Swipe down from the top of the screen to access control centre. Click on the WiFi icon.

Make sure that WiFi is activated. Click on the network to which you want to connect the device.

Enter the network password. If you activate "Show password", you can view the password entry in clear text. Click "OK" to connect.

The connected network is displayed at the top of the list with the label "Connected".

The WiFi icon in the control centre always shows you whether you are connected to a network and the signal strength of the network.


Connect a public WiFi network

You can connect to a public network. The device automatically detects if it is a public network and redirects you to the network's login page. If the portal page does not open automatically, click on the link at the bottom of the screen.


Disconnect a WiFi network

You can disable WiFi to temporarily disconnect connected networks. WiFi is activated every time the device is restarted so that synchronisation with can take place. To disconnect a network, click on the network you want to disconnect.

Click "Forget" on the network details page to disconnect the network. The saved network password is removed from memory and must be re-entered the next time the connection is established.
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