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Map screen

With a large navigation screen, animated map and clear instructions Jespr makes it easy to follow a route.

The map screen consists of the following elements

Turn by turn instructions
Lock button


Turn by turn instructions

Turn by turn instructions are always displayed when a navigation target or route has been selected. In rare cases, if your route leaves the route network or leads through forbidden sections, no turn by turn instructions can be displayed. You can then follow the path on the map.



The compass shows the map's bearing when it isn't true north.


Lock button

The navigation system uses a camera that automatically follows the route and displays the relevant map section.

The map is locked for touch gestures so that you don't accidentally move the map section while riding. You can use the lock button to unlock and activate touch gestures. The following gestures are available:

  1. Scroll around: Hold one finger down on the screen and move it in any direction.

  2. Adjust pitch: Hold two fingers down on the screen and move them vertically across the screen.

  3. Gradually zoom in/out: Pinch with two fingers to adjust the zoom level. Move fingers apart to zoom in, move fingers closer together to zoom out.

  4. Rotate: Hold two fingers down on the screen and move them in a circular motion to rotate the map (adjust the bearing).

  5. Zoom in one zoom level: Double tap on the screen with one finger to zoom in on the map's anchor point.

  6. Zoom out one zoom level: Double tap on the screen with two fingers to zoom out with the map's anchor point centered.

  7. Quick zoom: Double tap and drag up on the screen to zoom out, or double tap and drag down to zoom in.



Maps are saved as offline maps on your device. You can find out more about the concept of offline maps here.

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