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Offline maps & home location

Jespr stores offline maps on the device. Read this guide to understand the concept of offline maps.



During onboarding you will be asked for your home location. The home location is the place from where you start your rides. If you enter an exact address, you can navigate home with one click using the navigation function "Take me home".

Offline maps are downloaded and saved for a radius around your home location.


New location

When you travel and start your rides from a new location, Jespr recognises the location change. Select "Update Map" to download offline maps for the new location. The new location is automatically saved as the new home location.


Change home location manually and download maps

Click on the menu item "Rider".

Select "Home Location".

Here you can see which home location is stored.

You can manually enter a new home location and download the corresponding maps using "Download Offline Maps".
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